Neuropsychological Evaluation of Adults and Children

What is Neuropsychological Assessment? 

  • Neuropsychological evaluation relies on a comprehensive set of tests related to various areas of ability, including language, visual-spatial and motor skills, memory, attention and executive skills, and social and emotional functioning.  Based on both patterns of results, and the process of responding and solving problems, information is gathered related to strengths and weaknesses in functioning.  In turn, this provides deeper understanding of an individual's challenges and brain functioning.  In selected cases it may also provide medical teams with information to aid in diagnosis and treatment planning.  
  • Neuropsychological assessment should be completed by individuals with doctoral level training and supervision in psychological evaluation, as well as experience working with individuals with a broad range of neurological or psychiatric disorders.  Such skills allow appropriate interpretation and recommendations drawn from test data.  Dr. Witt is a full professional member of the National Academy of Neuropsychology and meets training requirements for neuropsychologists:

Areas of Neuropsychological EVAluation

  • Comprehensive Evaluation of Developmental, Attention, & Executive Function Disorders  
  • Assessment for Determination of Disability in Children and Adults
  • Functional Evaluation and Treatment Planning for Pediatric Epilepsy, Post-Cancer Treatment, and Other Neurological Disorders
  • Assessment of Sports Injury/Concussion