Dyslexia Community Foundation Event

We have been very lucky in Santa Barbara to have a great team of learning specialists, educational therapists, and clinics addressing dyslexia and learning disabilities.  Early identification, appropriate advocacy, and tailored interventions using direct and strategy instruction are essential in the elementary years for children with these challenges.  The Dyslexia Community Foundation (http://www.dyslexiacommunityfoundation.com) spearheaded by Cheri Rae has several events coming up which promise to be enriching.  These include a panel discussion at the SB public library on May 2nd, as well as training in Orton-Gillingham techniques later in May.  For further info you may contact Cheri at dyslexiacommunityfoundation@gmail.com.

Thoughts for the New Year

It's been a complicated year - a busy and active one for my practice, and a challenging election now behind us.  Although this does not quite qualify as a resolution for 2017, I set myself toward building a website, which you now see before you (!).  It seemed like a good time to more fully enter the digital age ... like many of you reading this, I am more "digital immigrant" than "digital native", and have taken my time to build a site.  Though my practice has gone fine without a website, I was hoping though to have a way for people to access forms and have more information before first meeting me, when we have a lot to talk about and there's a lot to process.  In addition I hope to be able to jot down some helpful links, thoughts, and other information that I come across.  Happy New Year!  JW